How to grant access to your Google Search Console

1. While you are signed in with the correct Google profile (the one that is associated with your Google Search Console), type “google.com/webmaster/tools/” in your browser and press “Enter”.

2.  You will  be directed to your Google Search Console dashboard. Then, you will need to click on “Search property” to select the website you would like to grant access to (there are usually multiple Google properties associated with a Google profile).

3.  From a drop-down menu select the property (your website) you will grant us access to.

4.  This will lead to a dashboard dedicated to your website. “Click on “Settings”.

5.  In the Settings dialog box click on “Users and permissions”

6.  Click on “ADD USER” button.

7.  In the “Add user” dialog box type our email (tycmediainfo@gmail.com), select “Full” in Permissions and click on “ADD” button.